What is your return policy?

For physical items being shipped, returns are accepted within 14 days of purchase in original packaging at the buyers expense . See our return policy here.  For virtual/downloadable products, depending on the product, some virtual goods are non-refundable.  If you have received and approved proofs for custom work and are  still not satisfied , please email support@hyproincmedia.com and explain your situation.  We will do everything within our power to mitigate your concerns.

Do you ship internationally

Some of our products ship internationally, typically apparel and digital downloads, but unfortunately, our open-box offers can only be shipped within the contiguous US.

How long does it take to order custom animation?

It depends. While HYPROINC prides itself on being fast and affordable, sometimes client demands and tweaking to get it exactly right takes a bit of finesse.

Propose your project, deadline and budget, and HYPROINC will make a determination on how confident we are in delivering your vision within the time and budget constraints (if any). To inquire, email freequote@hyproincmedia.com

Need to Contact Us?

We’ll be glad to help! We reply to emails within 24 hours or less.