Concentric - A C4D Preset (Pre-Order)
Image Slider - Pipes
Concentric - Pipes
Image Slider - Scribble
Concentric | Scribble
Image Slider - Custom Objects Wireframe
Concentric - Custom Objects + Wireframe Mode
Image Slider- Wild Cherry
Concentric | Example Scenes - Wild Cherry
Image Slider - Amoeba "Plexxi"
Concentric | Example Scenes - Amoeba "Plexxii"
Image Slider- Aqua
Concentric | Example Scenes - Agua Logo Intro
Image Slider- Sports News Update
Concentric | Example Scenes - Sports News Update
Image Slider- Concentric Ease of Use
Concentric | Features - Easy to Use
Image Slider- Concentric Features - DOF
Concentric | Features - Focus Grid
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Concentric – A C4D Preset is a cool, feature-packed, fun & easy-peazy-to-use preset for Cinema 4D™ motion graphics.  Generate random cool circles and shapes to create mesmerizing, eye-popping video intros, dynamic backgrounds, commercial/bumper ads, movie titles, HUD displays and much more, in just a few simple clicks!