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Play/pause input video to monitor your microphone. Click "Start Recording" button to record a take. Please limit takes to 1 minute or less.


Review Recording > Download Take (Access download via vertical dots menu on bottom right of output video, or right click on video and select 'save as'to download to your device (you will need these .mp4 files in the next step.)

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Step 1


Record Your Audio Takes
Press the blue "Start Recording"
and "Stop Recording" buttons

Tips for Successful Recordings: Turn off background noises like TVs, fans, etc. and record
in a quiet room with good acoustics to ensure a clean audio signal.
Use a high quality microphone. Most smartphones today have decent audio quality, so if that's
all you have, use it! We will let you know if the audio quality is up to our minimum standard.

IMPORTANT: Please use our Metronome Tool to keep perfect tempo/timing while you're performing your recording.

Step 1
Step 2


Save Your Audio Takes
and Add your Song Title(s)

After you have recorded a take using the blue "Start Recording" and "Stop Recording" buttons,
save the .mp4 file to your devices hard drive by clicking the right corner icon on the Output Video and selecting "Download"
Alternatively, You can right click on the output video and choose "Save Video As."
Remember where you saved your recorded files. You will be uploading them in Step #3.

Step 2
Step 3


Submit Your Recordings
And Book Your Production

Now that you have the recorded takes, fill out our brief Artist Submission form to send your
hot new tracks to the production queue...and just sit back and let Hyprecord do it's magic!

The hardest part of this whole process is waiting, but luckily, our producers are extremely fast and efficient
without sacrificing quality for the sake of quantity.

Need More Help? Watch our easy Hyproinc beginners video tutorial.

Step 3
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Quality Checklist

  • Have you recorded and download your takes?
  • Have you checked for sound artifacts like clipping or other audible room noises that may impact the quality of the final vocal mix?
  • Did you time your recordings tempo by using our provided metronome tool or something similar?
  • Did you remember to include your song(s) and/or project title?
  • Have you renamed your takes to correspond with the song title?
  • (Ex: BohemianRhapsody-verse01.mp4, BohemianRhapsody-verse02.mp4, BohemianRhapsody-chorus.mp4)

If you’ve answere YES to all of these questions, you are now ready to start your exciting journey as a recording artist!