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Akai Professional USB MIDI Controller for FL Studio with 64 RGB Clip/Drum Pad Matrix (Fire)

Original price was: $119.99.Current price is: $83.95.

  • Fl studio music production essential – dedicated USB MIDI hardware controller for the FL studio DAW platform with seamless plug-and-play connectivity
  • Workflow revolution – 64 velocity-sensitive RGB pads for creation of patterns in the step sequencer and recording notes/ Synth parts on a pad-based MIDI keyboard controller in performance Mode
  • Beat production simplified – transform fire into a beat maker essential with a MPC style 16-pad layout in drum Mode
  • Maximum tweak-ability – 4 Banks of assignable touch-capacitive MIDI knobs/ encoders for controlling mixer, channel and custom user-assignable mappings
  • Improved navigation – instantly navigate the channel rack, browser, tool bar and playlist Windows; dedicated controls to browse audio and project files with clear feedback from the oiled display
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Total Command of Your Production

Instantly navigate the Channel Rack, Browser, Tool Bar and Playlist menus and quickly browse audio and project files without the click of a mouse – the graphical OLED display makes browsing and controlling the various files, menus and parameters within your FL Studio session a breeze; plus, the dedicated transport buttons give you full control of FL Studio’s standard playback, navigation and recording facilities. Need more control? Up to 4 Fire units can be linked for a truly immersive production experience.

Ignite Your Creative Flow

Featuring seamless plug-and-play integration, within moments you’ll be creating patterns and building tracks using Fire’s 4 x 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pad matrix. Quickly input patterns on the step sequencer, switch up to performance mode playing / recording notes and launching your patterns, play in drums via a 16 pad format or take command of your VI collection in note mode, transforming Fire’s velocity-sensitive RGB pads into a 3 octave keyboard – everything you need to spark your creativity is here!

It’s All In The Mix

Nothing beats hands-on, tactile control when it comes to mixing. Fire includes 4 banks of 4 touch-capacitive knobs for ultimate control over channel, mixer and user assignable parameters within FL Studio. From tweaking volume and pan within FL Studio’s Mixer to adjusting filter controls within the selected Channel, all the core hardware controls you demand are thoughtfully included. Plus, with dedicated transport controls and mute/solo functionality, all the core control your production demands is thoughtfully included.

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