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GE Pro Crystal HD Amplified Indoor Antenna, 40 Mile Range, VHF/UHF HDTV, 34134

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Prepare for the future of television with the GE Pro Crystal HD Amplified Antenna. Ditch expensive cable and continue viewing your favorite local shows in full 1080p high definition at no cost. As television broadcasts evolve, youll be ready for 4K Ultra HD. Enhanced reception and optimized local channels make the Pro Crystal HD Amplified Antenna the ideal counterpart to streaming your favorite digital content. The integrated amplifier with PureAmp Technology boosts the signal and reduces noise for clear reception. A built-in stand allows for tabletop placement in moments, and the stand is adjustable for stability when positioning the antenna vertically or horizontally. Not a cord-cutter? HD antennas are a reliable complement to your cable or satellite subscription. When severe weather disrupts service, stay informed with a backup antenna to access important local broadcasts. With the ability to work within 40 miles of the broadcast source, the GE-branded Pro Crystal HD Amplified Antenna is the perfect way to maximize your HD viewing experience without an additional monthly cost.

  • Watch FREE High-Definition TV broadcasts including networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, Univision, CW, PBS and more!
  • Compact high-performance antenna design for best reception and strong sound quality
  • Pure Amp Technology amplifier filters noise and amplifies signal for clear, pure reception
  • Multiple mounting options: Mount the antenna in horizontal or vertical position with the included stand
  • Broad-spectrum reception for both VHF / UHF stations
  • Receives un-compressed 1080P signals; 4K ready
  • GE is Americas #1 antenna brand
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