ONN Rechargeable Cordless Phone Battery, 2.4V/550mAh NiMH – ONB16TE018


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Answer the call with the ONN Rechargeable Cordless Phone Battery. If your cordless home phone quickly depletes or loses signal when stepping away from the receiver, a new battery could solve the issue. This replacement model fits many different phones, including models by GE, AT&T, V-Tech and more. Simply compare the plug, voltage and size of this 550mAh battery to your handheld device to see if it is compatible. Installing your new cordless phone battery is easy. Simply remove the old model, connect the new battery and allow it to charge for at least 16 hours before use. This nickel metal hydride (NiMH) cordless phone battery can be recharged by connecting to the phone receiver when not in use. A reliable battery offers the freedom to take phone calls while doing laundry, cooking, getting ready for the day or walking from room to room. Enjoy the full range of your telephone with the ONN Rechargeable Cordless Phone Battery.

  • Compatible with cordless phones from brands such as AT&T, GE, V-Tech and more
  • Easily match plug shape and size as well as voltage to determine if this replacement battery will work with your cordless phone
  • Only 2.4V required to recharge
  • 550mAh meets the requirements of a wide variety of cordless phone models
  • Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) is housed in a one-piece casing
  • NiMH offers safer, longer-lasting alternative to old NiCad batteries


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