Backdrop Studio – A C4D Plugin

NEW! C4D Plugin – Backdrop Studio is a cool, easy-to-use preset for Cinema 4D™* motion graphics. Generate amazing and fast rendering seamless backgrounds and studio sets in just a few simple clicks!

Save and incredible amount of time trying to set up scenes by just loading the fully rigged preset, plug in a few textures, and you’re off to the races!

Building custom studio walls has never been easier with splines. Simply draw your wall shape (straight, curves, wavy, even a text spline!), drag it into the input box and you instantly have a great looking studio wall in whatever shape you desire! Check the box for ceiling and floor to have instant seamless textured interiors!

*Cinema 4D™ release 14-19 required. (Untested for R20+)

  • Instant Download
  • Easy Slider Interface
  • Material Manipulation
  • Instantly Create Walls, Floor & Ceiling
  • Create Walls in almost any shape with splines!
  • Great for Interior or Exterior Scenes
  • Easy Auto-Install C4D Plugin/Preset
Download Backdrop Studio v. 1.0 for Cinema 4D Today!

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