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Concentric – A C4D Preset | Easy Animated Intro Creator | Logo Animation Maker

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  • Mesmerizing instant procedural animation
  • Easy to use/learn
  • Production Quality Renders
  • Improve your workflow and unleash your creativity
  • Super-Fast Headlines & Taglines
  • Pull Focus Grid
  • Custom Objects & Text Particles
  • Blobbify, Scribble & Amoeba “Plexxii” modes
  • Logo Animation Maker and a TON more features!

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Concentric is a cool, feature-packed, fun & easy-peazy-to-use animated intro creator/ logo animation maker preset for Cinema 4D™ motion graphics.  Generate random cool circles and shapes to create mesmerizing, eye-popping video intros, dynamic backgrounds, commercial/bumper ads, movie titles, HUD displays and much more, in just a few simple clicks!


“Even as the creator, I’m constantly finding new ways to use Concentric!”

Right out of the gate, the ability to create very impressive motion graphics just by typing my headline, selecting colors and textures, enable objects and render, and out pops this amazing Concentric intro is invaluable! Even as the creator of this logo animation maker , I discover new ways to use Concentric every day.

1. 1-Click Animated Shapes, Logos, Legacy & Custom Objects
2. Headline/Tagline Creation & Animation made EASY!
3. Dynamic Text Particles Interacts with Headline!
4. Liquify spheres with one Click!
5. Create amazing “HUD” interface with wireframe mode!
6. Create a Dynamic Floor or Wall instantly
7. Adjust Environment with an HDRI Sky, Fog & Lighting!
8. The all new Focus Grid & Pull Focus makes it a cinch to set up the perfect Depth of Field shot!
9. Generate Amoeba “Plexxii Style” Abstract Geometry!
10. Create Beautiful Tentacled Patterns with the Scribble tab!



*Concentric requires Cinema 4D version 16-19. (R18 recommended).  Untested in R20+

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